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In my main profession, I am an opera and concert tenor. I received my diploma as an opera singer in 2006 at the University of Music and Drama Hanover. Already during my studies, I perfomed as an opera soloist at the Theater Lübeck and the Stadttheater Hildesheim.

After graduation, I was a regular ensemble member of the TfN • Theater für Niederseachen (Theater for Lower Saxony) in Hildesheim (Germany) for nine seasons. During that time, I have performed about 40 different roles in opera and operetta, with a total of about 700 performances on stage.

I also regularly perform as a soloist in concerts with music from the Baroque (H. Schütz, J. S. Bach) to contemporary composers (C. Orff, A. Pärt)

Everything about my main profession can be found at www.jankristofschliep.com

Bagpipes • Lessons • Workshops

In a sense for the sake of diversion and enrichment, I have been playing bagppipes in semi-enclosed fingering from France, Germany and Sweden for a couple of years. I can also play the diatonic accordion, guitar or – if nothing else is available – the triangle.

I attended bagpipe classes and took classes from Matthias Branschke (Germany), Olle Gällmo (Sweden) Birgit Bornauw (Belgium), Julien Barbances (France), Callum Armstrong (UK) and Toon van Mierlo (Belgium).

Since 2016, I am a self-employed opera and concert singer, bagpipe player, teacher and workshop teacher on various topics, including stage presence and music theory. In 2017, my husband and I moved to Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Not a Scottish bagpipe?

No, I do not play the Scottish bagpipe. I fell in love with the tradition of several French regions, where different types of bagpipes have survived and developed since the late Middle Ages. This includes Balfolk repertoire and dances. The instruments that I play follow the German tradition as far as construction is concerned, but in terms of keys and fingering they have been adapted to the French instruments: the Schäferpfeife.

In addition, I play the Swedish Säckpipa, an instrument with a special sound, repertoire and a quite remarkable history, from being almost forgotten to its renaissance in the whole of Northern Europe.

On this page, you can find everything about me and my instruments as well as the workshops that I give.

Jan K ristof Schliep

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